Friday, 20 May 2011

20th May

And everything has been uploaded and the submission deadline has passed.

The next stages are now here.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

17th May

I am ready to hand and upload all my work in time for the deadline and on the deadline itself.

I have free time until then and I have planned to make a new model of a Rhino in the mean time and intend to finish it during the summer holidays.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Finally Finished

It has been done and it has been uploaded.

Project complete.

Add a paragraph or two to my evaluation, PDF it and then hand in everything.

Rendered, Published and Uploading...

It has been rendered, it has been published via Movie Maker and it is now being uploaded onto YouTube so it can be shared easier.

Online Portfolio

I have decided to create an online portfolio in which all of my work in my portfolio can be found online and in the public domain and I intend to bring this animation I am doing here into it to add to my portfolio.

15th May

The rendering should be finished about 12 hours from now so by either Sunday evening or Monday morning it should be done and therefore I can out the finishing touches to this project and therefore end it.

All that remains then is to upload the video to youtube and link it to specific documents and talk about the final stages of this project in my evaluation.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

14th May

After time of changing and updating my animation the renderign stage ha sbegun which began on Friday 13th and will probably end around th 15th May.

Once the rendering has finished I will then begin the ediing stage which will not take long.

Once editign has ben done then all I got to do is upload and hand it in then add a paragraph or two to my evaluation

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Google Docs

I have stored all my work online so it can be found both in the public domain as well as an online server as back-up from flash drives and such.

Additional Research

I have done some research regarding different factors of my animation and scene such as: Space scope, engines and laser beams.

Space Scope research:

Space Engine research:

Laser Beams research:


As I have done so much in a short space of time I have nearly completed this project and all that is left to do is work within Maya and Word both of which I can do at home but with regards to Maya it will be easier to be done at home but nonetheless.

Battle Supremacy animation attempt #3

After a bit of discussion I am going to make the animation again but with a few differences.

Due to the relief about the shatter effect I am going to make a new animation but this time it will be shorter with less camera angels, laser beams and shatter and such but this one will have a more narrative approach to it and therefore tell a story better. I may have a character within the spaceship itself to give an impression of a pilot, but more than likely not due to rendering time.

I have been informed about a new method of creating a shatter effect within Maya and therefore going to revisit my animation and add it in as well as render but from different cameras and less cameras so I can then make the editing stage more clearer with regards to making the actual animation more narrative and cooler with regards to special effects.
This is a simple trick using layers, duplicated objects and ‘cut polygon’ tool.
All that needs to be done is to duplicate the same spaceship and make it follow the older one with no visibility and then when it comes to the shatter of an explosion swap around the two spaceships to the extent of visibility off on one and visibility turned on the other and then key frame a few explosions
This is a nice relief especially as I neither wanted shatter within Maya and after the old version of shatter did nor work so I was unable to create a shatter effect within Maya.

Concept Artwork

I have finished all the concept artwork needed for this project and therefor even more photoshop drawing and work has been done.

10th May

I have finished all the photoshop drawing and all drawing within this final project has been finished.

It is now time to step into other parts of this project which are mainly making things better and more cooler.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

5th May

I am continuing with my storyboards with regards to photoshop and concept artwork.

Additionally I intend to create more information and drawings in my physical design log because there is a flight weakness in my project which exsists within my physical design log.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May

It is the last day of the Easter Break and I begin college on the 4th May after a good 2 week off and around 3 week of college left before the end of the course and then the exhibition begins.

When I get back to college I intend to create the concept artwork in Photoshop, if I keep my head down and do not get distracted I can more than likely complete a good 50% of all the images I need on 4th and 5th May at college whcih is about 12 hours of work.

I could havce done all this at home during the Easter break but I chose not to because I knew it would be easier at college with regards to they already have Photoshop and that they have better equipment.

All that is left after that is to add a paragraph or two to my evaluation and then PDF that and then add it to my "UPLOAD" file ready to be handed in and then I am done.

I have worked my way to this point and it feels good, almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule that I have almost finished my work but there is always a bit mroe to add to specific places such as the photoshop concept artwork and my evaluation which at very most will take 1 and a half weeks.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

26th April

Not only is the project itself coming to a near end, in May 2011.
But I have almost completed everything a good few weeks ahead of schedule is a good thing but can be a bad thing.

I am currently working on my evaluation for this project which is almost done all I need to do is a few tweaks and then PDF the folder.

I do believe there are also a few things which I want to add to my upload pile which are the models themselves of the animation, whih I probably have already done.

Additionally I still have got to photoshop some of my concept artwork for this project.

Friday, 22 April 2011

22nd April

Storyboards which were made for the animation are placed here.

Battle Supremacy

A better version of the animation is up and ready to watch when you have the free time.

The previous animation did not feel as good nor dynamic as this one setz out to be not only is it longer but there are more camera angles which show in more detail the scene and the battle itself.

New Camera Angles

There are a few new camera angle to which the animation itself will become mroe complex and dynamic due to the additional camera angles.







22nd April

After mroe than 24 hours of rendering the new camera angles have been rendered and the process of editing is about to begin soon.

Get all the renderds done then comile them together into a image sequence usng QuickTime Pro then export then to then convert them so I am able to use them within a software such as Windows Movie Maker.

I use that software because I have been using that since 2008 I therefore know how it works and it is a free software which I already have.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

21st April

After a bit of dialogue I have decided to render my entire scene so there are more camera angles within it to create more animation detail and lengt.

There are 6 more camera angles which will add more detail to the animation whilst also making the editign process a little bit more complex and dynamic.

But rendering last time took aroudn 12 hours to complete this time it may take roughly the same but I have planned to complete this by the end of Thursday 21st April so by the morning of the 22nd I intend to be editing.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spaceship Fire Particles

Just to clarify within my animation itself there are particles which come in the form of the propulsion of the spaceships to give them thrust.

Here is a short animaitn sowing them within a scene around 10 seconds long therefore the fire is moving, changing and growing.

Battle Supremacy

The final animation has been completed a lot sooner than I expected with a lot more time spare for a few other things such as the concept artwork.

In the end it took around 15 to finish the animation, including rendering, whilst took less than an hour to edit whilst taking around the same about of time to get the files sortted so I was able to edit them within a movie editing software.

The final stages include: concept artwork & digital artwork and other documents such as the evaluation.

But there is always the possibility to come back to my work and tweak a few things for the better in later days because I have the spare time to do so.

20th April - Animation Editing


After around 12 hours of rendering, the image sequences have been completed to which I can now begin the editing part of the animation.


I have 4 videos of 0:45 seconds long from 4 different cameras of the same scene which I will edit together to create a mroe narrative animation for my scene.



Tuesday, 19 April 2011

19 April - Rendering

The longet part of the process hs begun: rendering.

I am currently rendering a total og 1080 frames at a resolution of 640x480 it started at 10am on the 19th April and it projected to finish rendering around 3pm Wednesday 20th April.

I intend to be drawing and working on the drawing side of the project both on paper and in Photoshop whilst it is rendering.

After the rendering has been completed I intend to start the editing process which will then creae the actual video to upload for this project, creating my actual animtion which is to be handed in.

Monday, 18 April 2011

18th April

The scene is coming along.

I have started to put the laser beams within the animation itself and once they have all been pu tinto the scene then the rendering part can begin and this part will take a day or two because there are around 10 different cameras and all of them need to be the same resolution and using different cameras gives the chance to create camera cuts to add to the narrative within the animation itself.

But in the mean time the laser beams need placing within the scene, then post production can begin.

Whilst it is rendering I will concentrate on the drawing of the concept artwork for thi project.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April

The begnning of the animation and beginning of the final video.

The majority of the animation has been done but there remains a lot of editing ahead of the animation and after the rendering process ha sbeen completed.

Once the rendering has been completed I will have to edit it entire animation so there are several camera cust to different shots to give the animation itself a more dynamic look and feel as well as narrative.

What is missing right now from the animation itself is a few laser beams as well as a few tweaks to the keyframes to add more detail etc.

An animation is almost accomplished.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spaceship Fly By

Here is a practice scene which includes both spacships and particle effects.

More are to come.

In other animations to come I will create practice one which usesa laser beam and the 3D shater effect as well as different spceships within the scene, athough for the time being here is my latest animation.

14th April

Production has continued to which a practise scene is being made.

Although due to complexity 3D shatter and Laser Beams are not in the video although in another one I intend to create in the future will show these effects.

Once I have finished all these practise animations I will then step into imagery and create 4 concept art pieces for the design log then the design log will have enough material for the time being. The concept artwork will then be edited in photoshop to satisfy the criteria of unit 18 which states that I should create digital art. The storyboards will also be edited within Photoshop.

Once all drawing are done I can concentrate all efforts for the animation which if I maintain my schedule I should have around 1-2 weeks spare to render and upload the animation and to make any fina tweaks after that.

But for now: practise animations folowed by concept artwork & photoshop and finally the proper animation.

Altough there is always the natual thing to create which is the evalation.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Practice Scene

I am going to create a practise scene in which I will use my particle fire and 3D shatter. This scene is not going to be a reflection of the work to come such as th ebackground will be different but none the less it is a good practise to which I can then start to grip the basics of this animation to which I will be better at when it comes to the final animation work. Additonally I am unsure how long it will take to make this small animation not how long it will be additionally I intend to make another short animation like this in the future but using all functions like 3D Shatter, HDRI lighting and particles.
Here is the video for my 3D Shatter animation, more videos are to come.

3D Shatter

A few sequential images of a few frames of the animation to which my shatter animation acts and show itself throughout the entire animation. This rounghly what happens in the animation although what I would change is that the clusters when they do shatter they do go into each other which is unrealistic and therefore unwanted within the animation nor even in my actual animation when it comes to the end.

12th April - 3D Shatter

As intened too I hae looked intoa tutorial about the 3D shatter within Maya.

I have looked into it and a video which I have uploaded onto youtube is to follow.

Additionally this technique needs to be implimented within my scene to create the effect that one spaceship shoots at another and that the one being shot at gets blown up.

This blown up affect then brings into the equation a explosion particle effect which will not only look cool but it will take a while to create in Maya and I am unsue how to set it up correctly within a scene so it look as though the ship got hit and then explodes straight after that.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Here is a video showing off the particle effects within Maya and the Spaceship.

Space Ship & Particles

Which took a good few hours to complete has finally been done. All these images contain the spaceship which is to be used within the animation with the proposed fire coming out form the back of it.

This way we can get an idea as to what it will look like.

This same fire will be used for all the spaceships.

In light of this development I am aorund 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

All that is left to look into is the shatter ttool within Maya which this tool will affect the rendering time a lot due to the amount of new polygons this tool will produce.

Particles: Mystic Stick

The first particle animation which I made was of a mysitc stick which created coloured particles from the tip and moved around to show gravity within the scene.

The next animation I intend to create is of spaceship's plump of flame which trhusts the spaceship forward, this particle effect will be used within my animation in the end.

10th April

Particles have been the main interest in this easter holliday to come, I have watched a few tutorisl on how to create and work with particles and I now have a good idea as to what to do. In the beginning I will start with a simple particle animation followed by somethign mroe serious. This is both practise and material to use within my animation scene.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

7th April

I am about to break up for the Easter Holliday and therefore will not be at college to continue my work but I have the reuqired software at home to be able to continue at full production and probably even beyond 100% production as I will have plenty of free time and with the software right next to me there will be few obstacles stopping me.

In other news the Cruiser for the Cestrum XCI faction is pratically finished, there are a few small tweeks to change here and there but in the vast majortiy of things it is completed.

Additionally the HDRI (image based ligthing) scene is set up and with regards to the animation the few stages which remain are the tutorials on particles and how to make them as well as handling them within Maya.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cestrum XCI Fighter

With 75% of the total required modelling achieved there is the Fighter for the faction entitled: Cestrum XCI, now here is the render version of it although it is subject to change by the end of the project.

The next stages are the animation itself, tutorials for special effects, concept artwork and most important finish off the final model which is the Cestrum XCI Cruiser, although like other modelling stages this will be easy.

6th April

Half of the modellign stage has been completed and just shy of 75%, the fighter and Cruiser for the ESA faction have been completed the next stage is to complete the models for the other faction: Cestrum XCI.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

5th April

Storyboarding is the latest stage whilst continuing with the 3D modelling part of the project. Thus far there are only a few near completed models because they need finishing off and then colouring so they both factions look different aesthetically and design wise. There will be plenty of time to complete both of these stages and more witin the Easter Holliday.

Monday, 4 April 2011

4th April

The modeling process is about half way completed with more than 2 models completed already and a direct result of this is that I am more than a week ahead of schedule. These models include a Fighter and a Cruiser for both of the factions, both for ESA and for Cestrum XCI. Images are to follow once one is ready for render, thus far they have been sorted out as far as modelling is concerned but during the Easter Hollidays there will be plenty of time to finish them off then to start the animation process which rendering itself needs a few days to complete that is why I am trying to stay ahead of schedule and trying to finish in 9 weeks rather than the standard 10.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

3D Modelling

As shown below the creation of the 3D models for the animation and of the Spaceships are well underway. This is the first spaceship the ESA's Fighter ship.

Spaceship Designs

Finally after various stages of iteration the spaceships have finally been finished now the most favourite and fun part of the project can begin: 3D modelling.

The 3D modelling will be produced for all the spaceships involved and subsequentially the detail and aesthetics of the spaceships will increase and become more complex when I have finished modelling them. The will also be ready for the animation with regards to colour and reflectivity.

Whilst the modelling is occuring I intend to create concept artwork for the project which will involve my spaceships in a scene, I also intend to look into tutorials for special effects within Maya for the animation.

And after the modelling the animation itself can begin.

31st March - Designing

As far as the deisning is concerned I have added a 2nd kind of spaceship to the factions although this spaceship will be different from the other spaceships because these new ones will be alot bigger a far as scale is concerned and a lot slower although with a lot more damage. This information and additional research into dogfighting information can be found within my design log book. Additionally as far as drawing is concerned I am approaching the final stages of drawing so once this stage is completed I will be able to start the modelling stage then the animaiton stage.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

30th March - Designing

Final iterations have begun for the first of the two designs of the spaceships involved. Once these are completed the next stage will be to model them within Maya 2010 software, then the animation itself can begin.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

29th March - Designing

Drawing and designing process is still underway although almost finished with different iterations this process will come to an end by the end of the week and then the modelling process will begin by the time of the Easter Holliday.

Monday, 28 March 2011


More and more drawings are being completed to which we are able to then start the modelling from. Although this process is quite time consuming it is howevere very important because a few of the next stages require it.

28th March

Designing the aesthetics, form and shapes of the spaceships. Drawing them is essential because the next major stages require finisies drawings and finished designs. These stages are: 3D Modelling. Concept Art. 3D modelling requries finished designs so I am able to work from reference and work accurately so the model looks like the desings so they can then be used in the animation. Concept artwork to show off the designs within the animation, showing them off within a creative scene.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

High Concept Design Document

As planned the High Concept Design Docuemtn has been completed and even ahead of schedule.

Now the next stage is to create my desings for the modeling process to begin with a detailed idea as to what exactly is being modelled.

Once the designs have been completed the next stage after that is to create some concept artwork whilst at college because I have access to Photoshop at college but creating the models both at college and at home because both places have Maya but mainly home becaue I will be using Photoshop whilst at college so therefore my main attention will be on Photoshop rather than Maya whilst at college.

Pitch - PDF

Quite annoyingly the Power Point document was too big for Google Docs so it had to be converted into a PDF file so it was capable of getting onto Google Docs.

Now that the pitch has been uploaded the next stage is to complete the High Concept Design document which needs mainly the plot and information about the factions within the plot.

Once the High Concept Design Docuement has been completed the next stage is to continue the designs and iterations of the spaceships prior to modeling them within Maya.

At the same time concept art needs to be drawn up on Photoshop.


The plot is present and accounted for, along with a plot synopsis which can easily be used along side the main plot.

This now need rewriting into the High Concept Design Docuement as well as the Pitch because both need them.

Once the docuement and pitch have been completed they will be uploaded and then the designing of the actual spaceships can begin and once they have been made a few concept images will be made via photoshop to show off the images, soaceships and images.

24th March

Target Audience research has been completed this is to show structure for the product itself as well as a rouote to go when it comes to creating the actual product.

The next stage is to create the plot and then a plot synopsis, the plot will then be used as part of the High Concept Design Document as well as part of the Pitch which both will be submitted.

Then more concnetration on the factions and their aspects as well as appeal is needed to finish off the high concept document and the pitch.

Once both of those documents are complete the next stage is to then continue with the design logs and creativity of the spaceships to then start the modeling on Maya, to which I can then start the animation scene.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March

My design brief was made in the attmept to create order within my project and to begin the project on a good start with regards to order and construction. My design brief is in the process of being approved and a high chanhce of being approved, my brief can be found here at this link:

Whilst I have also completed a few brainstorms in the attempt to get ideas down and spread information about such a specific topic.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mood Boards

A few mood boards have been completed in the attempt the get the idea of the project and ideal across in image format rather than word.

The mood boards include aspects and in some cases references as well as inspirations.

Proposal Document

The proposal document has been completed which is the start of my idea and to sell it across so the idea gets accepted and allowed therefore as a direct result I am able to start my project as well as I know in more detail as to what I am doing in this final open project.

21st March

Plenty of different work has been completed within a good six hour period such as plenty of moodboards, proposal document, target audience document begun and a High Design Document has begun with the idea of creating a pitch but that idea has not got the highest interest at heart.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

20th March

I have begun to look at a few tutorials on how to create HDRI lighting, laser beams and shattering tools within Maya and I do believe that I have a good starting place and I am ahead of schedule by aroudn a week a a few days due to my progress thus far into the final open project.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

19th March

Design log is my main ceocentration especially as I have finished my research.

I have 50 sheets and intend to fill them all in with plenty of drawings, annotations and beyond.

The design log will a document which will contain all designs inspirations and iterations of all pieces of work to an up to date schedule.

The sketchbook however is where the real drawing and iterations beging which will then lead onto the mdoelling via Maya and then the 3D Animation.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Research Document

It has been uploaded and it presently within this link:

It is online for the abaility of file share and file download.

Although please note that in the future I will end up changing it and editing it for improvements.


The research has been completed for this project although I will more than likely revisit it to change and update or reqrite sentance for added effect or because I know more and thus it would make sense to add it to the document.

Additionally the document can be found online at a specific site, details are to follow as soon as it become available.

Having the document online and in the public domain is a good thing because it is user accessible.

18th March

I have the books required to start both my sketchbook and my design log.

The design log will include ideas, annotations, doodles, inspirations,thoughts and relfections both for and about the idea and progress it is therefore a sort of diary of progress to record my progress.

Whilst my Sketchbook is a little more serious it will house mainly designs, drawings, iterations and even plans as well as a few doodles and annotations. The sketch book is used to house the design progress from pen and paper to Maya, model and animation.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

17th March - Project Launch

Providing my brief has been approved my final year open project has begun to which I intend to create an animated battle in space between two different spaceships.

I intend to use HDRI lighting and 3D particles within my animation both for the challenge and for the recognition to which I used them.

17th March

Research has begun into my chosen subject of animation and this research document will include topics such as key frames, procedural animation, HDRI lighting and even hyper shading.

I have to do my research first of all because this will give me a strong spring board into my chosen project for the final year of college.

This research document will talk about new topics such as procedural animation which is you telling the computer how things are animated rather than you doing the animation for the computer via methods such as key frames.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Battle Supremacy - 15th March 2011

This is my blog account for my final open project for college just before university.

Initially I had to create my own project brief and have it approved so what I was doing is correct, appropiate and that it can be done.

In the end I settled upon an 3D battle of spaceships. This means that I will end up designing the spaceships, modelling them and animating them as well as other things such as applying the dogfight effects with 2D and 3D particles, HDRI image & lighting as well as other things such as iteration design of the two different spaceships taking inspiration from existing spaceships but attempting to avoid existing designs from IPs such as Star Wars, Star Trek and even other games.

In the beginning I will jot my ideas down and try to extend from there to show development and change throughout the entire project, this includes brainstorms, iterations and even references.